2014 Liberty Qualifier Results

2014 Liberty Qualifier Results


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AwardTeam NumberTeam NameOrganization
Champion's Award - 1st Place4116Robo WizardsNeighborhood Group
Champion's Award - 2nd Place7404Team L.E.G.O.Windsor Middle School<= /td>
1st Place Robot Performance4116Robo WizardsNeighborhood Group
2nd Place Robot Performance3475Ridgeview Classical SchoolsRidgeview Classical Charter Schools
Core Values - 1st Place15030Flagstaff RoboticsFlagstaff Charter Acad= emy
Core Values - 2nd Place15031Flagstaff RoboticsFlagstaff Charter Academy
Robot Design - 1st Place5541ReprogrammedFamily Friends
Robot Design - 2nd Place3475Ridgeview Classical SchoolsRidgeview Classical Charter Schools
Project - 1st Place5539Lego Investigative Service (LIHome School
Project - 2nd Place11751NECO RoboNinjasMorgan County 4H
Judge's Award281Rainbow Robot RabbitsHome School
Rising Star5699Robo GearsO'Dea Elementary School

Advancing Teams

Team IDTeam NameOrganizationAccepted
3475Ridgeview Classical SchoolsRidgeview Classical Charter SchoolsTBD
4116Robo WizardsNeighborhood GroupTBD
5539Lego Investigative Service (LIHome SchoolTBD
5541ReprogrammedFamily FriendsTBD
5699RoboGearsO'Dea Elementary SchoolTBD
7404Team L.E.G.O.Windsor Middle School<= /td>TBD

Robot Scores

Team IDTeam NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3HighestRank
4LEGO Masters75501201207
16Creativity Masters5545305519
281Rainbow Robot Rabbits6575207516
2823pic Generation5595979713
3475Ridgeview Classical Schools2252752052752
3803Star Destroyers651601521604
4053Dragon Bytes250404023
4116Robo Wizards3893533373891
5539Lego Investigative Service (LI70115551158
6431Nyan Catfish105508510510
6796Conrad Ball Middle School4565656518
6797Walt Clark Middle School2550505020
7404Team L.E.G.O.15110851109
7534Digital Storm504510010012
8851Robot Masters4590659015
10637The Freemans000024
11751NECO RoboNinjas2045354521
12535Robo Brainiacs4070157017
15030Flagstaff Robotics306510510511
15031Flagstaff Robotics701251101256