NEW! Just for Judges - NOT!

Coaches and Judges are both in this competition for the same reason - to benefit the kids.
Coaches, wouldn't it be great to know where the judges "are coming from" when you coach your teams for those all important interviews?
Judges, wouldn't you like to know that your understanding of the process is what the judges around the world are working toward?
Check out the following videos - several times even - between now and tournaments, for questions and policy on:

  1. What is FLL? (6.:08)
  2. What to Expect  ( 6:54)
  3. Judging Event and Award Structure (8:06)
  4. Judging Awards (10:11)
  5. Project Judging (5:00)
  6. Robot Design Judging  (5:57)
  7. Core Values Judging (4:40)
  8. Judging Process and Deliberations (13:54)

To review ALL the videos will require a little more than an hour, so pace yourself, but please don't pass it up!