May 2015

2015 Colorado FLL Event Schedule

Draft - Pencil it in!  Actual tournament registration will be completed on this, the ColoradoFIRST site.  Check your Team Page and complete your survey.Read more >>>

Partnering with ColoradoFIRST

We have several organizations that are anxious to learn more about how to partner with ColoradoFIRST

Partnering with us will give your company...Read more >>>

The Game of FLL

ColoradoFIRST is proud to be LAUNCHING the LEGOnauts team creation...



Experience an entire FLL Season in this FUN and ENGAGING 30-60 minute board game!

Read more >>>

Trash Trek FSK


As is, gently Trash Trek FSKs. Only used for ColoradoFIRST FLL Tournaments.Read more >>>