Nature's Fury 2013 FLL Theme

I am excited about the upcoming FLL competition.  So excited, I decided to make my math and science camp themes centered around the FLL competition theme and am going to encouraRead more >>>

Pro-Teins World Festival Experience

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Difficulty signing up for volunteer postions

I sucessfully signed up as a volunteer for the Poudre High School event.  However, I did not see (or overlooked) and still cannot find where I go to actually sign up for a volunteer positRead more >>>

I have one team with two "squads". Can I get away with just registering the one team?

"I have one team with two "squads".  That is to say we have one club but plan to bring two Robots to the Qualifiers. I'm sure this means I need to register both squads for the Qualifiers, but do I also need to register both for the DMNS Event or can I get away with just registering the one team?"
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And It Begins.....

The Greeley Rookiea team's first meeting was a huge success, in large part because one of the parents heeded the coaches' (Cynthia & Alycia) edict to always provide dark chocolate.  WRead more >>>

Could YOU be a hero?

How did you become the good person you know you are?Read more >>>

for INSPIRATION and recognition of science and technology

Reading "The New Cool" (Read more >>>

Judge Entry Forms

These forms will not work until the day of the competition.
Moved to the Judge Training Materials Page

Registration for Tournaments

Somewhere on this site, it said we have to officially register and pay for our tournament; however, I still do not see an option posted to do so.Read more >>>

Monarch 2010 - Let's Get Going!

This year I'm joining the Tournament Planning Committee to bring you the Monarch Qualifier.  I'm very excited to be back in the game!  Last year's Tournament Director, Damian, graduated fRead more >>>