Bicycle gears

When you're riding - what's the best sequence for shifting gears?Read more >>>

Jenny's LEGO Collection

This is my LEGO collection page.  Checkout what I have collected over the years SmileyRead more >>>

Lego Mindstorms (RCX's) - yes that's when I and my son got involved...

The Denver Future articles on Transforming Transportation from the Denver Post

Transforming Transportation

Have you seen the series of articles in the Denver Post regarding transportation.Read more >>>

Latest search findings (finding more "needed" drupal capability)

So I just got off a shared desktop / phone conference session and I'm thinking of the "wilder" features we've been wanting for this site.   I'll list what we are trying to do and the likely module we'll use to do it when we get there:Read more >>>

Site is upgraded to 6.11

As you may have seen we did a site upgrade from 6.10 to 6.11. of the five sites we've done so far this is the only one (of course) the is experiencing the red error messages on each page. We're looking into the fix. -Stephen

Thoughts about use of types...

 Ross, Courtney,

  We've a number of types of content here.  I'm thinking we use them as follows:Read more >>>

Colorado FLL Blog *begins*

Hey everybody!

Stephen our web guy has just put up this new blog site and which can use for interractive, bi-directional, full duplex e-chats!Read more >>>