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I have one team with two "squads". Can I get away with just registering the one team?

"I have one team with two "squads".  That is to say we have one club but plan to bring two Robots to the Qualifiers. I'm sure this means I need to register both squads for the Qualifiers, but do I also need to register both for the DMNS Event or can I get away with just registering the one team?"
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Could YOU be a hero?

How did you become the good person you know you are?Read more >>>

for INSPIRATION and recognition of science and technology

Reading "The New Cool" (Read more >>>

Minutes, TPC meeting, 31 Aug 2010

Meeting start delayed as the InterCall bridge number didn't work; Ross provided Avaya Bridge
Susan, Matt O'Neal, Leslie K, Courtney G.Read more >>>

Minutes, TPC, 17 Aug 2010

 Leslie, Susan, Liz, Courtney, Jenny
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Denver Table Build

  • Tables cost $60 whether you build them or we build them for you.
  • Help us build a table and pay only $55.
  • Bring your table to a tournament and get another disc
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Bicycle gears

When you're riding - what's the best sequence for shifting gears?Read more >>>

The Denver Future articles on Transforming Transportation from the Denver Post

Transforming Transportation

Have you seen the series of articles in the Denver Post regarding transportation.Read more >>>

Colorado FLL Blog *begins*

Hey everybody!

Stephen our web guy has just put up this new blog site and which can use for interractive, bi-directional, full duplex e-chats!Read more >>>