Manage an Event's Team Roster

Managing your team roster

Questions addressed here

  • Where your team roster can be found
  • How team numbers show up on your roster
  • How to reserve a spot for a team and what that means
  • How to assign a team to an event and when/why
  • Waiver list usage

Where your team roster can be found

To see your roster go to your event and click on the Teams tab. You should see something like:

Event Team Roster page

You can review payment status (Pending vs. Approved), number of kids on the team, coaches, etc. Clicking on the team number will take you to their team page where you can access more details.

How team numbers show up on your roster

The normal process for teams to use is to purchase a team registration via their team page. When this happens the team will automatically be added to the event roster. You may notice that a team shows up as Pending. You don't need to do anything. As soon as the payment has completed they will automatically be promoted to Approved. If the team is paying by check this could take several days. The week before the event please contact any teams with a Pending status and remind them to send in their check. If they have we'll need to bug the accounting folks because the check probably didn't include all the information needed to match it to the appropriate order. Contact Courtney or Ross if you have questions. Once the check has been processed, the team will be promoted to Approved status.

How to reserve a spot for a team and what that means

Under certain conditions you may want to reserve a spot for a team at an event. Generally this is because you want the team to skip any volunteer requirement. To do that you add the team number to the Reserved Team List. Being on the Reserved Team list will allow the team to purchase the qualifier registration immediately - they do not need to meet any team volunteer requirement. This will require having Reserved Regsitration slots available. Contact Courtney or Ross if you need to adjust the number of reserved registration slots for your event. For 24 team events I usually start with 4 reserved slots available and 20 regular slots. If you don't have any special needs we can convert all the reserved registration slots to regular ones and teams can purchase as they meet the necessary volunteer requirements. The Reserved Registration list can be found at your Event -> TMS Admin -> Config. It's at the bottom of the screen. Click Update at the very bottom to finalize your change. Separate team numbers with commas.

Once a team has claimed their reserved registration you can remove them from the list if you want but it's not required.

Event Reserved list

How to assign a team to an event and when/why

Assigning a team is used when you want the team to show up on the event roster, but you still need them to complete their team volunteer requirement before they can pay for registration. We'll use this later in the season when we need to manually assign teams to events. This allows us to generate schedules with all the correct team numbers and such but still makes the teams responsible for meeting any volunteer requirements. If an event doesn't have any volunteer requirements, then they can immediately purchase registration. When the team purchases a team registration, the team number will automatically be promoted to the appropriate status (i.e. Pending until payment has cleared and then Approved.)

We prefer to let the first-come, first-serve model manage where teams go as much as possible and so use assignment very selectively.

To assign a team go to your Event -> Teams -> Edit Teams page. Add the team number to the Assigned box. Seperate team numbers using comma's. Click Update near the bottom (just under the Approved list) to update the list. Do not move / change numbers in the other areas, let the system do that via registration purchase.

Event Team Assignment

Waiver list usage

The typical use of the Waiver list is to allow teams hosting an event to attend without having to pay registration. Since the team is not paying registration you do need to manually add them to the event roster by putting their team number in the Approved list via Event -> Teams -> Edit Teams (same page where you manage the Assigned list).

To add a team to the Waiver list go to your Event -> TMS Admin -> Config page and add the team number to the Waiver list at the bottom of the page. Seperate multiple teams with commas. These numbers stay here so that the system knows not to record a balance due for event registration. Click Update at the bottom of the page to commit the change.

Team waiver list.