Content Type Overview

When publishing content to this site we first start with deciding how the new post should thought of and who should see the content.  When you publish content you can say it is visible to all members of the site or to a specific groups of menbers.

We've a number of types of content we can publish.  Here's the quick list:

For all logged in users (or Group members)

  • Blog entry  - creating one of these adds to your online journal (web-log:  blog)
  • Forum topic - create one of these when you want to submit a new topic to one of our forums
      This is NOT needed if you are just comenting on (replying to) an existing topic in a forum.  Just reply to it.
  • Comments - There are a number of locations at this site where you can leave comments.  For example, you can leave comments on pages of this book. Please do so if you see something needing further discussion or corrections you'd like to see made.  The comments you leave can benefit other readers of the book.  Periodically, we will scan the comments and make adjustments/add new pages to the book.  In this way you can have an immediate positive affect on our site!

For Site Editors (or Group Admins)

  • Page - as a site editor or group leader you can create static pages at our site by creating a page.
  • Poll - a site editor or one of our group leaders can create polls to be answered by our existing members
  • News Story - this is a short NEWS post. The most recent 5 show on  our "home" page (only if "post to frontpage" is checked as you [submit] the new content!), all are accumulated at NEWS page. (newsletters are also accumulated on the News page.)

You can see we've a reasonably rich set of content types.  Most of these types can be posted to your groups (in which case only your fellow group members can see it (or respond to it in the case of a poll.)  At the time you first post any content you make the decision of who can see your post: "only your group", a "couple of groups" -or- "all members of this site".