Finding your way around while at this site

While this site is fairly easy to navigate, this introduction will help you quickly see our overall structure.  WIth a couple key hints you'll be finding your way around this site like a pro!

The common page layout

Your first entry to this site is our front page we call Home.  It presents you with teasers of the most recent 5 news stories and a menu structure to help you locate what you came here for or just to browse the newer content.

You'll find menus of locations you can go to at this site.  They are at the top of the page and they are also found along the right side of the page. This list is quite rich in terms of where you can go.

Upcoming text (with interspersed pics of the menus)

  • Top menu entries and where they go
  • top-right menu entries and where they go
  • bottom-right menu entries and where they go
  • top right-site lesser used entries and where they go