Managing your Subscriptions/Notifications at this site

 As you join groups or were assigned into one or more groups, automatic notifications by email was turned on for you.

These notifications are managed from your "My Account" page once you are logged in.  (If you try to adjust these from a link in an email you may get an "access denied" message. This only means you are not yet logged in.  Log in and the click the link again or simply navigate to your "My Account" page.)

You may adjust the email send frequency from none at all to every hour.  If you select the more commonly chosen once or twice a day then you will receive a summary of the set of changes during the interval you have selected.

To get to these adjustments go to your My Account page. You'll arrive at the [View] tab. To the right of it, over a ways, you'll see the [Notifications] tab. Click on the Notifications tab.  

At the "Notifications" tab page you'll see that you are at the first of 5 sub-tabbed Notifications pages:

  1. "Overview" (you are at this page) - Here you see your current notification settings summarized and you find links to 
    1. "Administer your subscriptions" - which is another way to get to the [Subscriptions] tab.
    2. "Edit your notification settings" - which takes you to editing you overall account page.  Scroll downward to locate the section entitled "Messaging and Notifications Settings" to adjust how often email is sent across all you notification forms.
    3. {Temporarily Disable -or- Enable} all your subscriptions - if you have any subscriptions this entry will be present.  If any are enabled then this entry will read "Temporarily Disable".  This is quick way to turn off all notification.  However, you may find it more useful to be more selective about how often email is sent and about which topics you are notified.
    4. "Cancel all you subscriptions" - (You cannot undo this action once you confirm it)
  2. "Subscriptions" - at this tab page you can adjust each subscription indepent of the rest
  3. "Groups" - at this tab you manage what you'd like to have reported to you from each group to which you belong
  4. "Thread" - since you can follow threads (posts and comments to the posts) you manage these notifications here.
  5. "Add Subscription" - Here you can add subscriptions to threads or groups

Once last thing. Our new site is very capable. We are all new to it and learning how best to use it.  In this spirit, if you haven't yet taken the time to visit the other tabs at your My Account page (you know, all the other tabs other than [View] and [Notifications]) take the time to do so.  Have fun finding out what capabiliy you now have here!