Posting event photos

To post photos of a recent event, please use the following procedure:

Please have your photographer use the following information and procedure for posting your event photos.  Please post to this Picasa site to ensure access.  Occassionally people have posted to their own drop box or facebook pages, and we've been blocked from seeing them.  This defeats the ability to match photos with volunteers on the thank you notes (documented below). We can be sure to get to this Picasa site with the following credentials.
Photographers can visit:  
If you're currently logged in to your own google account, you may need to log out first, then log in at the link above with the credentials below:
Using password: hover for pw, or write to
Look for the [upload] button press it to setup for upload.
Select a new folder by giving it a name instead of using
the add to existing option.

I suggest a name like: "2012 {eventName} pics by {photographerName}"

We should end up with a new album which identifies both the event and the photographer.
Don't forget to make the album visible to "anyone with the link".