Volunteer Processing: VMS to TMS

Integrating volunteers from US FIRST VMS to ColoradoFIRST TMS:

  1. Plan your needs: Check the "Volunteer Roles" list linked here for descriptions of volunteer positions. Please see relavent screen shots in this PDF(4mb) or Word (1mb) document.  
    1. Be aware - this procedure is only the first step - "Assigning volunteers in the US FIRST VMS system".  This document does not cover...
    2. ...the second step,  "Importing the volunteers into the ColoradoFIRST TMS system".  That document is available below (step 5).
  2. Unassigned Volunteers Report
    1. Log in to VMS on the US FIRST site: https://my.usfirst.org/VMS/Login.aspx
    2. After logging in, I am presented with the "MY DASHBOARD" view of events.  
      1. Your dashboard may only show the one event you're associated with as a Volunteer Coordinator (VC) or Tournament Director (TD)
    3. Select the event of interest and click into its link.
  3. Assigning volunteers in US FIRST VMS
    1. View the report on "Unassigned Volunteers"
    2. Assign the volunteers accoring to your own volunteer requirements first, accomodating the volunteer's priorities where possible.  
      1. In the early part of the season, there is seldom any conflict.  Later on it may be more difficult.  
      2. Roles that fill up most quickly are registration and check in, then concessions. Although you need a lot of people at check-in, that need drops off to two people after 8:30 in the morning.  Plan to reassign those people if needed to other roles.
      3. Concessions is generally made availble to the venue or the FRC team supporting the event. 
      4. Most difficult roles are Judges of all kinds.  
      5. Head Judges and Head Referee are specifically qualified - use experienced volunteers for these positions where possible.
    3. Create volunteer notification e-mails (which come from US FIRST VMS)
  4. Assigned Volunteers Report from US FIRST VMS
    1. You'll find this report on the Reports tab, toward the top of the list.
  5. Import to ColoradoFIRST TMS
    1. Screen shots document: .PDF or Word.
    2. First Time setting up import column matching

      Match columns in CSV file to profile fields, leave as '----' if there is no match.
      The Username will be formed from the name they gave FIRST.
      It starts blank for each new event, so this must be done the first time for each event
    3.  Subsequent imports and moving a volunteer from one position to another

      1. See this video, Import assigned VMS volunteers to event
    4. Other video tutorials linked here (google docs).
  6. Checking Assignments