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  • Schedule item groupings?   8 years 41 weeks ago

    It appears that the system limits the lenght of the list to 5 events... interesting.

  • Upcoming theme adjustments   8 years 50 weeks ago

    Hi Stephen,
    I like the "elegant" look and feel for the banner.  I'd love to see the pictures in the way you mentioned on your "code" todo on your list.
    I really like the possibilities that this opens up.  Interaction with the coaches would be the top priority here, and interaction with the committee and volunteers a clost second and third.  The committee is already accustomed to e-mails, but the PHP List is a "uni-directional" facility and I'd like to be able to get the coaches to feeling comfortable with responding.
    Choosing the right "type" is a question - is it News, a Blog or a Forum?  I'm not really certain that I know what the differences would be.  I'd like to get a better feel for how each would be used, and then "train" the constituency on the one that offers the best interaction.
    You classified Drupal as a content management system.  I'd like to learn more about what that means - simplicity of maintenance, continuity of look and feel, continuity for contributions and interaction?
    With respect to mapping the functionality of this site to the "classic" site from 2008,

    1. I can easily see correlation with the "Teams" link for interaction.
    2. The cross over with the Sponsors, Tournaments & Volunteers doesn't ring quite as true for me. 
    3. One of the things I really used a lot last year was the similar directory structure between the site and my own hard drive.  Really helps me know where to find things on both.  Would I be able to continue leveraging the Drupal site that way?
    4. Would we replace the PHP list with Drupal?  This would bring up a lot of questions, probably the highest priority would be the learning curve.  I'm very intent on getting the whole committee up to speed on the same mailing list program.  PHP will be in its third season in 2009, and I think I may be able to get Marie to adapt to it, if she sees that the rest of the committee is leveraging it to save time and effort.  I'd hate to start over with that.
    5. other questions are links to TMS, older challenges, etc.  I'd like to discuss all with you.

    Thanks for bringing this site up to this level.  I'm anxious to hear more about your ideas.

  • Possible bug in formatting newletter for send   8 years 51 weeks ago

     In response to this one might want to place URLs at the end of lines or as the only text on a line.

    (Just a thought)

  • Colorado FLL Blog *begins*   9 years 1 day ago

    Ross, I copied this post to this site as it should be here since this is what we are discussing/trying...