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  • DMNS Rookie Booster News   7 years 25 weeks ago

    Is this for coaches only or can the kids come?

  • 2009 Championship Scores   8 years 6 weeks ago

    Will coaches receive the judges' scoring/evaluation of our team's Project, Teamwork exercise, and Tech Interview like we have for the local qualifiers?  The robot game scores are fine, as is the list of who won awards, but since "what we discover about ourselves is more important than what we win" it seems like the evaluations of the team in the Project, Teamwork exercise, and Tech interview ought to be sent to the coaches.

  • 2009 Championship Scores   8 years 8 weeks ago

    When will the results of our Teamwork, Technical Judging, and Project Presentation be posted?

  • Jig (alignment fixture)   8 years 15 weeks ago

    I believe that you can you a gig as long as you are not touching it when the robot is in action. 

  • Innovation Project Resources   8 years 18 weeks ago

    Struggling with where to start for your research project?  Missed the DMNS Rookie Booster event?   No problem!
    The FLL website is a great resource!  Start out by taking a look at the details for The Project
    Getting started on your project only takes a few minutes of brainstorming by following these simple steps:

    • Identify your Community - school, city, state, etc?
    • List how people, animals, information and things move in, around, to, through your community
    • What problems do you see in your community?
    • Pick 1 area to learn about and research
    • Come up with a solution to the problem

    Things to remember to be sure to include in a Project Presentation:

    • 5 minutes (5 to setup & present and 5 for q&a with the judges)
    • Identify your Problem (don't forget to state your community)
    • Research
    • Innovative Solution
    • Share with Others
    • Creativity

    Then check out the Project Topic Guide.  Still have questions, then checkout the Project Q&A site where you can also post questions to FLL.  Checkout past FLL Project Presentations on youtube.
    Find the DMNS Rookie Booster slideshow here.

  • Stratton Eagles LEGO Robotics   8 years 19 weeks ago

     I emailed you before but I am one of two people who run a Lego team out of the school district just to the west of you.  I actually use to teach in the building where you are now.  Thankfully middle school sports practice during the school day so this isn't an issue for us but sporting events can be, we run into Volleyball and Football Games all the time.  The big issue comes in the tournement dates actually all but one of the tournements is scheaduled for a play off football game.  This makes it difficult as we have a shortage of sponsors, kids and vehicals when we have to divide out time between Volleyball, Football and Legos. Due to our location we are suppose to be attending the UCCS Regional Qualifier but this is the same weekend and Semi Final Football and State Volleyball, and unless a team from the CSM Regional Qualifier switches with us we will probabaly not be going this year. If you ever want to come visit us we practice after school on Thursdays, just call ahead.  IF you want my personal email address the high school math and english techers have it.