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  • Innovation Project Resources   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    - Courtney

  • Innovation Project Resources   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Our team found links on the website to get traffic data for all the intersections in Fort Collins.

  • DMNS Rookie Booster Volunteers   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Andrea from AXL Academy wrote a few questions, and I wanted to share them with all the new teams planning to attend the DMNS Booster.  Please join the discussion, if you have other questions or comments - REP

    I have seen some conflicting information about times and details in regards to the DMNS Booster. Thank you for pointing that out.  I have corrected it now.  The booster is held the afternoon of the 10th, from 1 to 5.  I have already applied to the group to register for the event, but have not yet heard any confirmation on our teams acceptance. Confirmations will be announced Oct 1.  We are a school team setup as a classroom learning experience and I need to notify parents immediately of their students need to attend this event (if indeed we are accepted). The tournament planning committee will publish the results of the tournament assignment process October 1st.  The booster event usually has no issues until it reaches capacity.

    I will need to include the exact times, event details, and most importantly any fees (aside from the $25 cost for the team). Students have been encouraged to get their families involved too and are looking forward to a fun filled family day. Team families are welcome to attend, but please see below.  

    Do families have to pay for the museum entrance in order to participate in the event? Not specifically, but please be courteous of the museum, and recognize they are also a non profit organization.  Any dontations will be appreciated, as will any kind words of thanks.

    When will we know for sure that we have a spot at the event so that I can confirm transportation and attendance for students?  We will publish assignments for all tournament groups Oct 1st.

    Can we bring payment to the event? Please send a check payable to Mindsports Colorado, marking your team number and the DMNS booster in the memo.  Send it to Mindsports Colorado c/o Tehnictronic Solutions, Ste 210,  3443 So Galena, Denver, CO 80231.

    What supplies/materials do we need to bring as a team? Bring your robot kit and anything you want to talk or ask about wrt your robot or your project. Most especially bring your questions.  Prepare your team by writing the questions down in advance.

    Will we be presenting both the robot game and the research project in a mock qualifier fashion? You may present whatever is prepared at the time.  The point of the event is not to pressure the kids into performance, but provide an opportunity to measure their progress.  I would suggest targeting 2 or three missions, and perhaps several resources for the project research or innovations.  Then, when the event arrives, you can see how much has been accomplished, but more importantly discuss your experience with the coaches and mentors that have trod that path before.

  • Denver Table Build   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Hi Belinda,

    Thanks for your e-mail.  I understand about the difficulty of moving these tables.  This is a great reason to talk to your neighbor with a pick-up and invite him to help!  It's a simple assignment, with a simple "definition of done" that most people - that can - will be happy to help with.

    I'm forwarding your e-mail to the Poudre tournament director.  He also has a couple of tables he can spare.  He'll probably be in touch with you.  His name is Courtney,

    Yes, if you bring a table, the FSK to put on it would be a big help!  Please care for your FSK with this in mind.


  • Denver Table Build   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Hi Ross,
    I would love to order a table built but have no transport device to get it to Fort Collins from Denver, nor to the tournaments that would need it (we’re hoping for the local Poudre HS tournament – are they offering tables also to bring to their tournament?).  We would make the table available to any of the tournaments mentioned, just would need a transport for it. 
    If the transportation can get worked out, the second question is:  Would the field set-up be required for the tournament, or just the table? 
    Belinda Voit

  • Challenge Resources   8 years 23 weeks ago

    Thanks, Cathy!  TechBrick is a GREAT resource throughout the year.  Did you see their practice mats and other tools for team resources?