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  • Tournament Schedule s/b visible to any visitor   8 years 25 weeks ago

    I've added the subtitle suggested.   This look ok?


  • Active are of Forums and Public Welcome is very small in some browsers   8 years 25 weeks ago

    This is a known issue with our banner.... the image is causing the table to overhang our menu. The amount of overhang varies between browsers.   This should clean itself up as we rework the banner into what we need.


  • News page missing   8 years 25 weeks ago


        We lost the news page and link from top menu about the same time the public_welcome was added.

       The NEWS page is a page view generated by the same view which generates our front-page 5-news-items.

       I tried modifying and saving the "page" view exposed as /news again but this made no difference.

       The view is there... but it no longer works like it does on FLLTEST.   Any ideas what could have happened?


  • Tournament Schedule s/b visible to any visitor   8 years 26 weeks ago

    can we add a subtitle to the tournament schedule pane that says,

    "Can't see the dates?  Register or Sign-in ...."

    This could get folks to start identifying themselves.

  • Orders for Tables   8 years 26 weeks ago


    Please tell me more!  What is cost for table? Do you have picture of one for shop-catalog so people know what they are buying?   I need these to get draft ordering system working.

    ...  Waiting to hear!


  • Tournament coordinator can't edit own event   8 years 26 weeks ago


    I've updated the Thompson event to make it owned by you.  Please reply to this commnet letting me know if this solves your edit access problem.