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  • On-line editor problems   8 years 26 weeks ago

     Courtney, re: your (2):

           I enabled the function.   Please try and report if working or not


  • Shopping Cart - early thoughts   8 years 27 weeks ago

    Ross,  Courtney,

        There's more to do before we can run test purchases (so much more!)
         but I have the mysql database up, the drupal site up, the subdomain 
         setup and pointed to the drupal site.
         I'm now just defining the first couple of products and their attributes.
         We need store details setup (owner, street addr, phone.. if we want
         /need them, etc.)  By default, ubercart wants this info  (helps calc 
         taxes and shipping rates... -- probably don't need some of this?)
    REP:  Mindsports is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so we won't need to collect sales tax.  Shipping will not apply in most cases, as t-shirts and medals will be distributed at tournaments.  There is the exception where medals need to be shipped to teams that failed to attend, but I don't think it's worth the brain damage now.
         We need to figure out a front page... top banner...   store help page...
    REP: We could post a request for banner designs from teams and other registered users (Volunteers!).  Perfect opportunity to get them to feel more pride of ownership in the site and the league. 
         So... much.. to... do....
         I'm creating accounts for you with your current login and email
         but initially with 'changeme' as the password.
         Want you to be able to get in and see current shape and poke
         around, but please don't play until we talk...
         I'm giving you both site-admin for now so poking around can
         be more interesting.. but be careful... changes will set me 

    Stephen M Moraco



  • Shopping Cart - early thoughts   8 years 28 weeks ago
    The meeting with Donald lasted about 20 minutes, as it was soon apparent that there was no fit between Donald's team, a MS - .NET, Biztalk, Sharepoint shop and our open source platform.  
    Subsequently, after Donald dropped the call, Stephen located the Drupal "Ubercart" modules, and we agreed that he would beging work to bring them in a "" domain.
    Regarding urgency, I believe we can open registration this weekend w/o collecting fees, but we should strive to be able to collect fees prior to the Sept 15 discount registration deadline.
    Please respond to this forum to explore and define the vision of the shopping cart:
    • Use cases
    • features and functionality
    • satisfaction criteria
    • prioritization

    To assure timely distribution of our work, be sure to subscribe to changes in this forum by way of RSS or whatever.   As you can note by use of the preceding "whatever" term, I'm not exactly sure at this moment of the mechanics of that subscription.  Stephen?  :-) 

  • Personal Contact Form?   8 years 29 weeks ago

    I just tried this, get access denied message. Got to the link on my Account page and clicking on 'personal contact form' link.

  • Duplicate key error   8 years 38 weeks ago

    maybe we can meet again when you return.  In the mean-time, I'll do some administrative activities - budget planning, schedule planning, recruiting...I'll be looking for you when you return!
    Thx, REP

  • Duplicate key error   8 years 38 weeks ago


    Glad the HOWTO worked!

    Regarding the "lost" pages...   always head to (a) recent posts, and/or (b) "My Workspaces".  If you left the new content you added with you as the author then they will always show up in "My workspaces"...   which is why I really like this new feature.

    Regarding the content not showing up where you think it should...  it is likely this was simply an inadvertant not setting of some of the publishing options... I'm thinking of two more likely (1) the position in the book outline (which I think you did check) and (2) the visibility (belongs in group or groups (use control-key mouse click to add more than one group our to remove last group when unhiliting groups)

    This help?

    Overall, it sounds like you're picking this up quite quickly.  Good job!