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  • Duplicate key error   8 years 39 weeks ago

    ok!  Now I see...  Hopefully lessons learned.  I see you also wrote some how to pages on the subject.

    .... (time elapses...)

    OK!!  I built a page for the Championship information.  I copy pasted the content of the 2008 Champs page onto a new page, the located the page at "content/Championship".  I then edited the menu item, and pointed the menu item to "content/Championship" and low and behold, it works!  Not only that, but clicking on the link for "Sponsors" still gets me to the "page-not-yet-here" page! 

    Good handbook entry, Stephen! 

    So, I also copied links from the 2008 champs page for Event Registration, Directions and Parking, etc, etc.  I want to make the new site "self contained", but the links are point to the old site. So I...

    "Created a new Book" on the Champs page

    I then added a page titled "ChampsEventRegistration", and linked it to the new book.  So now the page shows the new link in the book.... did...but something went wrong...bug?  The book disappeared!  I had created a book called "Colorado FLL Championship" - using the <create a new book> link on the Book Outline section of the page, then linked the ChampsEventRegistration page to the book.  But going back to edit, that book wasn't there on the list any more.  So then I took the ChampEventRegistration page out of the book, confirmed the warning, and saved it.  Now the CER book page is there, but I can't find an edit function for the original Champs page, to set up the book again...hmmm...

    Hacking the URL, I can find the Champs page.  Now, however, looking at the book outline, it tells me that the "Champs" page is the top level page for the "Introduction to Postions" book....hmmm...

    Hacking some more...I will remove the Champs page from the ITP book....

    Added the ITP back as it's own top level book...

    Removed the scheduling functions for the page...

    Championships book (top) still does not exist...

    Oh well...TDFN (too difficult for now) will try again later..

  • Duplicate key error   8 years 39 weeks ago


    I had created a single place holder page and then linked all the menu items to it to show that we don't have that page yet.

    My intent was to add new pages one by one and then edit the menu setting so point to the new page instead of the placeholder.

    It looks like you simply edited the placeholder so now all the menu entries point to the placeholder (now: Volunteers!) page.

    To be fair, I should have told you that this was how it was setup.   My bad!

    Anyway, I've created a new volunteers page copying your content and have edited the Volunteers menu item to point to it.

    (NOTE: it looks like you didn't select create new revision when you did the edit.  You might want to in the future so we can simply revert to prior content should we ever need.)

    I'm going to now put placeholder content back into the placeholder page...  This will have all the non-correct menu links pointing to the "I'm not here yet" page.

    This all make sense?


  • Where do I find my "Volunteers" book?   8 years 40 weeks ago


    You're right I do need a general link to books...

    But, for now please try the "My workspace" new feature.  It's  new menu pick under your login name (near the bottom of the list).  I added this for us editors!


  • Sponsor column not showing when user not logged in   8 years 40 weeks ago

     It turned out to be a permissions issue with the view.  I simply changed the view to be visible to all users, not just logged in users.


  • Latest search findings (finding more "needed" drupal capability)   8 years 40 weeks ago

    I've installed and enable the following:

    • My Workspace     <- new menu pick in right hand column under your login name
    • Announcements  <- new content type
    • Scheduler             <- new options on existing content types

    As I figure them out I'll write about them in our Site Editor's handbook.   Meanwhile, please feel free to play with any of these yourself!


  • Google maps zoom criteria   8 years 40 weeks ago


    We should be able to... I've no clue how but will look into it.  We've an awful lot of configurability here...  Now, what to attend to first?....  ;-)