Colorado School of Mines Qualifier

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 8:00am - 5:00pm
Award Winners
Champion’s Award 1st Place: 5958 Game Changers
Champion’s Award 2nd Place: 13474 Tiger Bots
Robot Design Award 1st Place: 4190 Pill Minders
Robot Design Award 2nd Place: 2396 Teller Tigers
Robot Design Award 3rd Place: 10641 Platt Wolves #2
Robot Design Award 4th Place: 11495 Lotus BEES
Core Values Award 1st Place: 12997 Johnny 5
Core Values Award 2nd Place: 2054 Angry Bricks
Core Values Award 3rd Place: 11482 Red Bricks
Core Values Award 4th Place: 10077 Rebel Robo Girls
Project Award 1st Place: 7337 Mind Craftians
Project Award 2nd Place: 7831 Machinae Avia
Project Award 3rd Place: 2456 Evergreen Brick Nerds
Project Award 4th Place: 1061 Techno Tigers
Judge’s Award: 15590 Woodlands Academy
Rising Star: 12426 Lego Lions
Robot Performance 1st Place: 4190 Pill Minders (Best Score: 386)
Robot Performance 2nd Place: 10641 Platt Wolves #2 (Best Score: 305)


Golden Ticket Recipients
Advancing to State Championships

1061 Technotigers
2396 Teller Tigers
4190 Pill Minders
5958 Game Changers
7831 Machinae Avia
10641 Platt Wolves #2
11950 Candy Canes
12997 Johnny 5
13474 Tigerbots
Enterprising Communicators


Thanks for another great year!



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United States