I have one team with two "squads". Can I get away with just registering the one team?

"I have one team with two "squads".  That is to say we have one club but plan to bring two Robots to the Qualifiers. I'm sure this means I need to register both squads for the Qualifiers, but do I also need to register both for the DMNS Event or can I get away with just registering the one team?"
A team is defined as a limit of ten kids.  If your two "squads" add up to more than ten kids, you have more than one team.  Each team that will attend any Colorado FIRST LEGO League event must have a team number.  To be assigned a team number, the team must register with FIRST at gofll.usfirst.org and pay the $225 registration fee.
Several schools will register one team and provide a rich experience for several groups of 6 to 10 kids, akin to what you are calling "squads".  They manage this internally without impacting the effort necessary ColoradoFLL or US FIRST.  They will share a single Field Setup Kit.  They will leverage the money they save on team registrations to by additional robot kits and parts.  They will hold an intramural scrimmage at their school to identify which "squad" will attend the qualifier under the banner of the team number they paid for at registration.  They will abide by the competition game rules on the field table, and in judging and research, and most importantly in team work and citizenship.
For this situation, we have made available for additional purchase the game medals and event t-shirts that are commemorative for the Challenge year, so that all students engaged in the competition will have a chance to hold these momentos.
Trying to game the system comes at the expense of the ColoradoFIRST and US FIRST organizations, who are 99% volunteers (like yourself) giving their time to provide a rich experience for the kids.  Trying to cut corners at the expense of the organization will only undermine our ability to provide a quality experience for all the members, including yours.  I hope this is not part of the value system you want your competitors to carry forward in their lives as "acceptable", but rather, you're helping them realize that their contribution will enhance their experience.   Other people have summed it up as, "you get what you pay for", or "what goes around comes around".
Every team registering for a ColoradoFIRST event must have a legitamate FLL team number, purchased from US FIRST.  A team is a maximum of 10 competitors, aged 9 to 14.  Please abide by the spirit of the rule.
Thank you for bringing this issue to light, as I'm sure you are not the only coach facing it.  Thank you for participating in Colorado FIRST LEGO League.  Thank you for making this organization strong.
Ross Parrent
Operational Partner
FIRST LEGO League in Colorado
Hands on STEM through youth Robotics age 9-14 for more than 10 years
Photos: http://bit.ly/hppvSg
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