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Reading "The New Cool" (ISBN-10: 9780307588890 ) one can take a quick glimpse into the values of Dean Kamen - his Willy Wonka likened house on the hill, his early command over physical contraptions, and his undaunted will to "do it Dean's way" (you can get all this from the online "sample" reading of the book on Amazon).  Dean obviously had "the knack" - does your child?

The Knack

But what is also described is Dean's genuine concern for the abiltiy of our kids to continue to create the rich environment, opportunities and experiences that they've come to enjoy here in America during their formative years. 

FIRST LEGO League will give your kids a chance to explore the enriching opportunities of inventing, innovating and working within their teams.  The season is challenging for all involved - coaches, judges, volunteers and teams - but there is no substitute for the hands on experience we all come away with every day during this season!