Judge Recruiting

Judge Recruiting FAQ:



    1. Why the urgency?  Why recruit for November so early?
      1. Answers here.FLL Judging Areas & your Best Fit
    2. What does a tournament look like - how kids compete?
      1. Check this slide deck describing the events.
    3. What does it mean to Judge at and FLL tournament?
      1. Check US FIRST's description of the judging process, the rubrics used to evaluate the teams, and the award descriptions.
    4. Are you only accepting Judge volunteers?  I don't really feel qualified to Judge without ever having even seen a tournament? Flushed Face
      1. Judging in a nutshell: If you can talk to the budding engineers without making them cry, you'll be fine!  The kids have worked for weeks just be able to show you what they've done.  When else do kids actually look forward to what you have to say to them?!  You want to take time to hear about their work and question their thinking, research and style.  Praise their accomplishments, encourage them to persevere on those things that didn't come out quite right
      2. Training and certification is on-line.  Once you register as a judge, you'll receive an e-mail with links to the video tutorials: judging overview, and specifics about the judging area you choose.  Finally, you'll take an on-line certification exam to be sure you understand the details.
      3. We're specifically recruiting judges this early in the season.  We want you to have a chance to complete the training, and to get the events penciled in on your calendar before stressing over the holidays!
    5. Are you looking for just robot design judges or other judges such as project or core values judges?  Being a project manager, I don’t believe I have the engineering skills that would be required for a robot design judge.  Any insight you can provide would be great.
      1. We need judges of all types.  This grid might help you find your sweet spot, but where ever you're most comfortable is very acceptable:
        Best Fit
      2. Please refer to FIRST's descriptions of the jugding roles on their site, linked here.
    6. Can I bring a Friend!  
      1. It's always more comfortable to go through a new experience like this with a trusted friend.  Please pass this flyer around to anyone you think would be interested:  Colleague, empoloyee, contractor, family member, running partner, etc, etc!  The more the merrier - we have several positions to fill!
      2. We do restrict judging to adults.  If you have a high schooler that would like to volunteer, we have other positions that I'm sure they can help with, like referee, queuers and guides.  Kids under age 18 will need their parents' endoresment to volunteer.
    7. How do I sign up?
      1. Step by step screen shots to register with VIMS (the US FIRST Volunteer Information Matching System):  user guide
      2. Already registered with FIRST? Screen shots showing how to apply for a position as a ColoradoFLL Judge linked here later this summer (Aug 1st).