Judges FAQ page

This page is specifically targeted to Judges for Colorado FLL tournaments.  You'll find training videos to be reviewed for the certificaiton process.  

Most importantly - READ THE RUBRICS!  (attached at the bottom of this page) Don't get caught Saturday morning of your event reading the rubrics for the first time!!  Please, please, PLEASE come prepared!  The teams will thank you for it, as will your judging partner and your head judges during deliberations.  Please be ready! (or you may not get a donut!)


  1. What's this "certification" thing for judges???
  2. Judge Resources Wiki login at FIRST LEGO League.org
  3. Where do I find the Judges' training materials ?
  4. Overview from Courtney Goeltzenluechter, ColoradoFLL co-partner
  5. Judges Q&A Call
  6. Award Structure
    1. Consolidated  - Optional for a qualifier of any size
    2. Expanded - for Championship
  7. Rubrics
  8. Judges Prep Packs


  1. CERTIFICATION:  Your Judge assignment notification e-mail included a paragraph at the bottom stating: Judge assignment e-mail mentions Certification requirement.
    2014 is the first year that Colorado is participating in the US FIRST Judges Certification process.  The process is intended to raise the bar on all FLL judges to establish a level of quality that teams can expect at all tournaments across the country.
    1. Judge training amounts to approximately a 1 hour video of the goals of FIRST and the judging role, a 15 minute video of each of the judging areas of focus, and a certifcation exam.  Once you've been assigned in the US FIRST Volunteer systems (VIMS/VMS) you'll receive an invitation username and password for access to the certification procedure.
    2. Ceritification training is linked through VIMS, in the lower left corner of the page:

      VIMS link to Judge Certification
       to see complete image)
      >>>then drilling into the FLL links to find the Course Catalog >>>Judges Course Catalog
      (click for larger image)
    3. The system registers your completion of the videos by way of these links before allowing completion of the certificaiton quiz.  If you have reviewed the videos through direct YouTube links, you'll not see credit for that viewing.  In that case, you'll need to execute the videos (attended or unattended) through the course catalog links before you'll be able to register for the certificaiton quiz.  You'll need to score 80% on the quiz to proceed.
    4. There is a generalized quiz for the judging process, and a specialized quiz for the judging area you'll be involved in.  Head Judges for an area need to take the quiz for that area.  Judge Advisors will find their own specialized quizes in the course catalog.
    5. Even if your Qualifier Judging is past, please complete your certification for Championship Judging.

  2. JUDGING RESOURCES & credentials:  
    From US FIRST:  Summary: If you're a Judge, sign on as indicated below.  Watch the videos.  You should get certification credentials by e-mail from US FIRST.  if you don't receive those credentials, let us know at FLL.Teams@ColoradoFIRST.org.  Thanks for all your help!
    1. TRAINING VIDEOS: Event Judge Wiki Workspace US FIRST  is offering an Event Judge workspace to allow your event-level judges to pick up their prep packs and access links to the Judge training modules. This space is designed to help assist with the distribution of materials and alleviate the need for large lists of volunteers being added individually to the wiki.  The material contained in the workspace is available to you in the Judging Resources workspace.
    2. LOGIN credentials: Please note that the passwords ARE case-sensitive. These passwords SHOULD NOT be changed.
      1. URL: https://firstlegoleague-eventjudges.pbworks.com  <<< Click here to get started
      2. Wiki Username: flljudge3@usfirst.org
      3. Password: Password1 
  3. Consolidated Award Structure - Optional for a qualifier of any size, available in the attachements below, and on the Judges' Resource Page above.
  4. Rubrics are attached below
    1. Core Values
    2. Project
    3. Robot Design
  5. Judges' Prep packs are linked below, and on the US FIRST Judges Workspace mentioned above.
    1. Core Values (fka Teamwork) Prep Pack
    2. Project Prep Pack
    3. Robot Design (fka Technical) Prep Pack