Monarch 2010 - Let's Get Going!

This year I'm joining the Tournament Planning Committee to bring you the Monarch Qualifier.  I'm very excited to be back in the game!  Last year's Tournament Director, Damian, graduated from CU last year and is now in Florida studying for NOAH.  We all wish him the best of luck.
What's in store for the Monarch Tournament?  No worries.  It will consist of the basics: Practice Rounds, Project Presentations, Technical Judging and 3 Matches (highest score wins).
To make this event a success we will need some help from you (the teams).  What do we need... Teams to volunteer to bring: Field Setup Kits (FSKs or the LEGO mode), 2 volunteers each, Field Table (standard 4x8 table with 2x4 walls).
I'll be blogging to keep you posted as the tournament progress.