The Colorado FLL 2015 TRASH Trek at Mountain League Qualifier Event Day Details:

Map to the School!

  • Getting to Aspen Middle School is fairly simple. If you have access to Google Maps, you will see a route that takes you from the Glenwood Springs exit off of I-70 onto highway 82.
    1. Head southeast on W 6th St toward CO-82 W
    0.1 mi
     2. Slight right toward Grand Ave
    223 ft
     3. Slight right onto Grand Ave
    1.4 mi
     4. Continue onto CO-82/S Glen Ave
    Continue to follow CO-82
    38.3 mi
     5. At the traffic circle , take the 1st exit onto Maroon Creek Rd
    0.4 mi
     6. Turn left onto High School Rd
    417 ft
  • Access and Parking 
  • The main parking lot is right in front of Aspen Middle School and it will be on your right as you drive up High School Road. Park as close to the building as you can. We will be on the main level and the lower level all day.


Schedule for the Day

  • 7:30 to 8. volunteer check in - If you have not completed a Consent & Release form online during team registration, BRING YOUR SIGNED Consent and Release Forms: English / Spanish - one for every participant
    8:00  - 9:00 volunteer briefing library
     - judge's meeting Library
     - referee meeting (competition tables, Main Gym lower level
  • 8:00 - 8:30 coach/team check in at Main Lobby, settle in to your pits. Pits are located in the cafeteria on the Main Level.
  • 8:30 Coaches' meeting, Cafeteria Lobby.
    • BRING YOUR SIGNED Consent and Release Forms 
  •  9:00 kick-off and announcements in the Main Gym
  • 9:20 - 11:40 - judging - teamwork, projects, robot design interviews - refer to your own team's schedule for exact completion times & room assignments 
  • 11:40 -12:45 lunch in Pits and for Volunteers in the Teacher's Lounge/Main Office.
    11:40 Judges deliberation begins Teacher's Lounge or Georgina's Classroom.
  • 12:45  Competition Rounds Opening Ceremony
    1:00 - 3:00 Robot competition matches
    Please review code of conduct expectations below.
  • 3:00 clean up pits, entertainments, etc
  • 3:30 - 4:00 awards

Code of Conduct

You will be tested on this during Core Values judging!

  • NO EXTRA COMPETITION TABLES!!  Do NOT bring your FLL table to any Qualifier event unless you've made previous arrangements with the Tournament Director.   If you MUST bring an FSK, plan to share it.  Email me if you are bringing your FSK so we can make arrangements for a space (but not necessarily a table)
  • Know your FLL Core Values!  Check the first page of the coach's handbook.  This year's judging puts special emphasis on Core Values
  • Know what Gracious Professionalism means, and be prepared with examples of how your team has behaved in this manner.
  • Adults - Kids learn by example!  Teach them to do as you do!  Please review the code of conduct expectations here.


Event Venue Details


    • Projectors and Computers are available for Project Judging. Please let tournament director know if you have special requirements. Put files on a thumb drive/USB drive for easiest access. 
  • The bleachers are hard and a bit uncomfortable. If you have a cushion or Crazy Creek type chair, you are welcome to bring it!
  • Town is nearby, but it is the Off Season, so many businesses and restaurants have limited hours. We will be offering food from Taster's, a local pizza place, but there is a City Market where you can buy food and a sandwich shop called Johnny Maguire's which delivers if you prefer other items than pizza and salads. The only "fast" food in Aspen is a McDonald's.


    Visitors  and Guests are welcome 

Admission to the tournament is FREE!  Please wear comfortable clothing - especially to the pits and teamwork judging.  Families and guests are welcome in the activity and presentation judging rooms, but please respect the judging process and keep your  numbers and distraction to the teams at a minimum!



Pizza is generally most convenient for team lunches, and the family of one of our local teams owns a high quality pizza restaurant. We will offer limited menu items from Tasters in the coming week. You can order the week before and have it delivered hot and fresh. The menu will include some salads and a sandwich option as well.


Click here to order PIZZA !!



The 25% of the teams that competed in Qualifiers have advanced to the Championship event.  A 24 team tournament will advance 6 teams and award first and second place trophies for each of the following core categories.  There may be one for each of the remaining categories.  

Condensed Awards - 24 team

Some important details about advancing:

There will be two Champion's Award winners.  By definition, Champion teams will advance to the Central Colorado Championship.  Other teams advancing to championship will be judged for overall achievement by their merit in all judged areas and robot performance.  These teams will be awarded a Golden Ticket for advancement.  

Most of all, let's make this the best Qualifier experience ever!  Have fun and take away a wonderful and rewarding experience!


 Volunteer Details

All Volunteers:

The day is FINALLY upon us!!  Teams have been toiling tirelessly for their tribulation and triumph of this day.  See below for details on:

  • Directions
  • Consent & Release forms
  • Volunteer Assignments
  • Food & Refreshments

If you did not complete your Consent & Release forms on-line during registration, Please bring current and completed Consent and Release forms with you.  This really speeds up the check in process!  The forms are linked below:

Judges Materials:


Your Head Ref will meet with you at the competition tables in the gym after check-in and go over rules, scoring, and how to proceed through the day. 

Friday night Set-up

Setup will begin at 3:45 pm on Friday.  

We will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks on Saturday, and all will be available in a hospitality room, or the Teacher's Lounge. 
Lunch will arrive at around 11:30. 

Finally!  Please consider helping us in this position next year.  We'd love to improve our preparedness, and to reduce the need for "team volunteers", especially in these important positions.