2014 Monarch Qualifier

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Thank you volunteers!  

You were amazing and you made the day possible!

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Champion 1st place: 4322 Juggerbots

Champion 2nd place: 3624 Casa Robotics

Robot Performance 1st place: 5137 The Fig Newton 5

Robot Performance 2nd place: 306 The Shazbytes

Technical 1st place: 5137 The Fig Newton 5

Technical 2nd place: 6541 The Destined

Core Values 1st place: 6587 Platt Wolves

Core Values 2nd place: 6569 Boulder Ninjas

Project 1st place: 5428 Dawson

Project 2nd place: 7716 Severence Hawks

Judges Award: 8869 Summit Huskies

Rising Star: 8232 Gatos Salvajes

Outstanding coach: Mike Broadfoot

Oustanding volunteer: Denise Muhlrad

Oustanding teen mentor: Jake Crawford


Coaches, please tell us about your experience - please take a few minutes to respond to our feed-back survey, here.

Afternoon Robot Runs:

Team NumberTeam NameHighest ScoreMatch1Match2Match3
5137The Fig Newtons 5205165205205
6541The Destined1501515030
8869Summit Huskies12555110125
9699Electro Lynx1255585125
10688Aerodygraphical Exponent Eagle1255085125
5138The Nutty Narwhals115100110115
8994Eldorado Archimedians11011055100
3624Casa Robotics1101108565
2508BC Brick Builders1055555105
6569Boulder Ninjas95459545
8232Gatos Salvajes905090
8089The Brickmasters85658565
7716Severance Hawks85855530
6587Platt Wolves75557540
8095Eldorado's Aerospace65656565
937Chickens to the Moon STEM 4-H Club 4-H65206565
8058The Binary Eagles65552565
2028The Master Builders40154040



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Monarch High School, Louisville
329 Campus Dr, Louisville, CO.
United States