2015 East Metro Denver Qualifier

Sun, 11/08/2015 - 8:00am - 4:00pm



Sunday 11/8/15


Many thanks to our Legions of Volunteers
who made this event a resounding success!!

We couldn't have done it without you!! 

...and we'd love to have you back for Championship on January 16th!

Survey!  Teams, please give us your feedback on this event.

Page Contents:

  1. Awards and Advancement
  2. Thank you, Volunteers!
  3. Pictures New! Nov 15, 2015
  4. Event Day
    1. Schedule
    2. Parking and Access
    3. Floor Plan
    4. Food
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Visitors

Colorado FIRST LEGO League 
2015 East Metro Qualifying Tournament

at Denver's historic

 and home of the

Angelbots, FRC team 1339




Awards and Advancement

  • Awards Chart
  • Advancing Teams (Golden Tickets) Congratulations!  Volunteers required ;-)  Start recruiting now!  Advancement information available here.
    • 952
    • 15852
    • 16288
  • Robot Scores

Click the link above for details about the awards to be presented and opportunities for your team to advance to one of the national FLL events.  Regardless of your teams awards, your accomplishments are many and your achievements commendable!  Remember your FLL core values, most especially,

It's not what you Win but what you discover!


Event Day!

  • Schedule for the Day


  7:00 - Volunteer Check in
  7:45 - Team check in begins
  8:30 - Coaches Meeting (Gym)
  9:00 - Judging and Practice rounds
11:40 - Lunch
12:00 - Opening ceremony, Competition rounds
  2:00 - Pit clean up
  2:45 - Finals and Awards



  • Consent Forms - all volunteers, team members, coaches and mentors MUST turn in signed consent  and release form.
  • Parking and access
      (click for printable enlargement)
  • School Floor Plan, including pits, competition floor and judging rooms.  
    East Metro floor plan
  • Food - The team Pits are in the Calloway Gym.  Teams are welcome to bring their own lunches.  Please be courteous to our hosts and keep spaces clean.  The East HS Angelbots will be selling concessions - hot dogs, possibly pizza, chips, snacks and drinks.  There are several restaurants across the street (zip code 80206), including Starbucks, Jersey Mikes and Chipotle.


Code of Conduct

You will be tested on this during Team Work judging!

  • Know your FLL Core Values!  Check the first page of the coach's handbook. 
  • Know what Gracious Professionalism means, and be prepared with examples of how your team has behaved in this manner.
  • Adults - Kids learn by example!  Teach them to do as you do!  Please review the code of conduct expectations here.

Visitors and Guests are welcome

Admission to the tournament is FREE!  Please wear comfortable clothing and white soled athletic shoes for un-restricted access to the facilities - especially to the pits and teamwork judging.  Families and guests are welcome in the activity and presentation judging rooms, but please respect the judging process and keep your  numbers and distraction to the teams at a minimum.


  •  purchasing your tournament Registration Ticket, (Coaches and teams only)
    a team 
    Volunteer Commitment is required.
      See the details here.  
  • You still need to complete your team survey while recruiting your volunteers.  
  • Coaches can volunteer as judges FOR A DIFFERENT TOURNAMENT and fulfill the volunteer requirement.  
  • It's a great experience and will provide valuable insights for your team this season and/or for seasons to come.



Awards chart and Advancement

The 25% of the teams that competed in Qualifiers have advanced to the Championship event.  A 24 team tournament will advance 6 teams and award first and second place trophies for each of the following core categories.  There may be one for each of the remaining categories.  

Condensed Awards - 24 team

Some important details about advancing:

There will be two Champion's Award winners.  By definition, Champion teams will advance to the Central Colorado Championship.  Other teams advancing to championship will be judged for overall achievement by their merit in all judged areas and robot performance.  These teams will be awarded a Golden Ticket for advancement.  

Most of all, let's make this the best Qualifier experience ever!  Have fun and take away a wonderful and rewarding experience!



East High School
1600 City Park Esplanade Denver, CO
United States