2015 Aurora Qualifier

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 8:00am - 4:00pm

New date & now a 32 team tournament!

Saturday, November 21st

School Map:

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lotus map 

Welcome to the 2015 Trash Trek season!

2015 Trash Trek Challenge @ US FLL

Competitions have three domains--robot game, project presentation, and core values.  Teams should visit this site periodically for challenge rules and updates.

Volunteers needed @ FLL Competitions

To complete registration, each Colorado FLL team needs to provide at least two volunteers.  Volunteers register here following these instructions.  More information below.

Help Colorado FLL recruit--share the benefits of FLL and how others can get involved!

Involve your company or organization

Engineering and non-engineering professionals alike are always needed at competitions to serve as judges and referees.  These volunteers ease the burden on families needing to provide volunteers, and allow parents to see more of their FLLers competing.

Aurora Qualifier Information (updates coming soon)

  • Tournament Day description & Schedule
  • Team Reminders
  • Website video tutorials to register your teams
  • T-shirts! Please order a team T-shirt from your team page. Kids love them and they are a great way to recognize all their hard work!

Consent and Release forms

Parents can electronically sign consent forms for their kids, talk to your coach to do that and we can eliminate more paper! Otherwise, we'll need a signed consent form for each participant.

Concession orders

Stay tuned for more information. 

Aurora Qualifier Volunteers

For the Aurora Qualifier, teams are required to provide two volunteers.  Your team volunteer requirement can also be met by volunteering for any of the Colorado FLL Qualifier events. Coaches, this is a good opportunity to see the event from a judge's perspective- volunteer to judge at one of the other nearby events and fulfill your team's volunteer requirement!

  • US FIRST's Youth Protection Program (YPP)  safety training and screening requirements for coaches, mentors and volunteers. 
  • VOLUNTEERS (VIMS - Volunteer Information and Matching System)
  • A note regarding the Youth Protection Program screening
    • The screening takes some time, please sign up today!
    • SSN is NOT a required field.  If you're uncomfortable with the personal details requested for YPP screening, DOB is required, but SSN is NOT.
    • Visit Colorado FLL's Tournament Schedule for other events


Information for Coaches:

FLL Coaches--Welcome to the 2015 Trash Trek season!  

By now you're in the midst of the season, and we wanted to check in on a few items to smooth the path to tournament day!  

1) Registration & Volunteers
2) Help Make the Volunteer Requirement Obsolete
3) Tournament Details
4) Rubrics & Scorer
1) Registration & Volunteers
Everyone is anxious to nail down their registration for their tournaments, and the time is now to get this happening if you haven't yet.  Check your Team Page at Colorado FLL to view your status.  These are the necessary steps for completing your registration and locking in a spot at the SE Metro FLL Tournament:

a) Volunteer Registration @ VIMS:  Get your required two volunteers through the VIMS (Volunteer Information and Matching System).  Be sure they are selecting their preferred tournament.  It needn't be the same tournament you're competing at, and, in fact, there is an advantage to volunteering on a different day, so if they were parents they can spend the whole day with their daughter/son.  But be sure your volunteers are including your Team Number so that your team is appropriately credited so that we can enable your shopping cart buy button.  Attached is a picture of the page at VIMS where they do this.

b) Youth Protection Program Screening: Volunteers then have to pass YPP (Youth Protection Program) background checks.  This step is faster if they provide a Social Security number, but they don't need to do so.

c) Volunteer Assignments: Kevin Popp (questrobotics@gmail.com is our Volunteer Coordinator, and at this point, he'll email your volunteer confirming they are associated with Aurora if that was their choice.  At this point, our process is to assign judges and referees first and everyone else as TBD (to be determined).  In a week or few, we'll assign everyone else.  NOTE: If you have a volunteer that is willing to serve as judge, we will credit you double for that, so you would not need an additional volunteer--but note that being a judge requires an hour or two of online training plus it is an all day commitment on tournament day.

d) Completing Registration: Crediting your team for volunteers, and enabling your shopping cart are not automated activities, but are done by us by hand and may take us 48 hours or so.
2) Help Make the Volunteer Requirement Obsolete
Colorado FIRST FLL is a 100% volunteer powered operation, so to make our tournaments work, we require each registering team to provide two volunteers.  There is awareness, however, that often times this volunteer burden falls squarely on parents...parents, who might prefer spending their time with their son or daughter on this day.  

So we are trying to move from this model to one where members of the community (STEM professionals and others, but who aren't directly associated with an FLL team) act as recurring volunteers.  Help us connect with your business or organization by sharing the attached flyer and these links to find volunteers interested in doing good things for kids!  If you could connect us with an organizer or public relations person, please email Ross Parrent at Ross.Parrent@coloradofirst.org.  Thank you!!
Also, see the attached flyer, "FIRST LEGO League Volunteers."
3) Tournament Details
a) Online Parental Consent and Release: If you have not done so yet, have a parent of each one of your team members go to https://my.usfirst.org/stims/Login.aspx and associate the student with your team (give them the team number) and complete the online Consent and Release Form.  See http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/team-member-registration-faq for FAQs.

To participate in the tournament you will need to bring with you a printout summary of your team's parental consents.  Do this by returning to the TIMS (Team Information Management System), click on "Team Summary", then at the bottom of that page there will be a "View" button that will take you to your Team Roster and verification that all consent forms are completed.  You'll need to have a printout of that page for tournament day check-in.

d) Tournament Awards and Advancement:
 Awards will be made for:

Robot Peformance
Robot Design
Research Project
Core Values
Champion's Award
Adult Coach/Mentor Award
Youth Mentor
Those with the highest "composite" score will be invited to participate in the Colorado State FLL Tournament on Saturday, January 16, 2015th. 
4) Rubrics & Scorer
The judges will be using the attached rubrics in their judging.

A beta version of the official scoring application is available here.

Teams should regularly check for Updates to the Project and Robot Game Challenges.
We can't wait to see you at the inaugural Aurora Qualifier!


Lotus School of Excellence
11001 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
United States