2015 SE Metro Denver Qualifier

Sat, 11/14/2015 - 7:00am - 5:00pm



Thank yous to Sara Cussen, Terry Cussen, Barbara Lommen, Pushpanjali Kannan, and Roopa Nallapareddy for their photography work!

Instructions on retrieving pictures from Sara Cussen:

The Dropbox folder containing these photos can be found at this link:


You do NOT have to have a Dropbox account to access it. This email may be shared with any and all people wanting access to these files.
The folder contains 4 subfolders: Team/Awards, Volunteers, Classroom Events, and At Large.
A few notes: 
1) Classroom Events includes shots from all teams in Core Values and Presentations. No photos were taken of Robot Design as we had limited staff and I made the decision that photos from the robot game would be sufficient to show the teams interacting with their robots. 
2) There is at LEAST ONE photo of every team in front of the banner, sometimes more. There is also at least one photo of each team that received an award with their trophy.
3) You may choose to download any folder in its entirety or any single image. There are hundreds of images. Hitting the "Download" button on the upper right of the screen will download all folders/files that are visible on the screen. My suggestion would be to either start the download process for the entire parent folder and let it go overnight, or just delve into the team image folder, click on just individual photos of your team, and download those.
4) All the team photos are hi-res (suitable for printing very large), the others are suitable for the web or printing up to 8x10 only. If you are in need of a particular photo at hi-res, please let me know at sarachengphotography@gmail.com.
5) Many thanks and credit to Terry Cussen, Barbara Lommen, Pushpanjali Kannan, and Roopa Nallapareddy for all their hard work with making these photographs happen.





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