Come Promote FLL at the FRC Colorado Competition!

Come Promote FLL at the FRC Colorado Competition!

  • How many of you still have a robot?  
  • How many want to take another stab a robot that can navigate the Nature's Fury missions for 400 points or more?  
  • How many parents would like to have take their turn at it?

We have several robotics promotional events coming in April:  

  • FRC Regional Saturday, April 5 at the University of Denver
    • 9am to Noon: FLL 7692 the Pi-rates, 
    • 10:30 am to 1:30 pm - FLL 6688 - Robo Wizards!
    • Noon to 3pm: FLL 30 - 5th Gear
    • FTC will also be attending with Matt & Kathy Collier and Andrew Biggs
  • Wings Over the Rockies Museum - Robotics at the Hangar (WRATH) - Sunday, April 13:  This robotics exposition includes FRC, FTC and FLL, as well as BEST and several robotics clubs and companies from industry.  Plus, it's at the fabulous WINGS museum, with all those awesome airplanes!
    • Noon to 3pm: FLL Open
    • 1pm to 4 pm: FLL Open
    • 2 pm to 5 pm: FLL Open
  • Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, Saturday, April 19 (venue details coming soon!)

Please send me an e-mail to get your team on the schedule!  

2014 FIRST WORLD FESTIVAL is April 22-26
and the
North American Open Festival in San Diego (LEGO Land) is May 13-16