2015 Poudre Qualifier Results


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AwardTeam NumberTeam NameOrganization
Champion's Award195TrashformersLiberty Common Charter School
Champion's Award 2nd Place43221 second, We're Having TechnicTwin Peaks Charter Academy
Champion's Award 3rd Place9Port 5Liberty Common Charter School
Judge's Award16893Erie Lego Robot TigersErie Middle School
1st Place Robot Performance20661Directors of Lego BuildingTraut Core Elementary School
2nd Place Robot Performance9Port 5Liberty Common Charter School
3rd Place Robot Performance5293Lightning BotsBethke Elementary School
Core Values 1st Place968Dunn ElementaryDunn Elementary School
Core Values 2nd Place5295TrashTalkersBethke Elementary School
Core Values 3rd Place5923TeamBlevins Middle School
Robot Design 1st Place5293Lightning BotsBethke Elementary School
Robot Design 2nd Place12848Traut Core Knowledge School FLTraut Core Elementary School
Robot Design 3rd Place6229Kamikaze Waffles 
Project 1st Place281RoBatsHome School
Project 2nd Place19253Eagles^2St John the Evangelist Catholic School
Project 3rd Place19167Stupendous 6Liberty Common School
Outstanding VolunteerJohn and Carol Baldo 
Outstanding Coach / MentorRon Larson  
Outstanding Youth MentorTaylor Reinke 

(bonus, see below for award text)

Advancing Teams

Team IDTeam NameOrganizationAccepted
9RoBatsHome SchoolYes
195Port 5Liberty Common Charter SchoolYes
281Eagles^2St John the Evangelist Catholic SchoolYes
4322TrashformersLiberty Common Charter SchoolYes
5293Lightning BotsBethke Elementary SchoolYes
5295TrashTronsImmanuel Lutheran SchoolYes
6229Kamikaze Waffles Yes
7495TrashTalkersBethke Elementary SchoolYes
192531 second, We're Having TechnicTwin Peaks Charter AcademyYes

Robot Scores

Team IDTeam NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3HighestRank
9Port 5478478372 2
968Dunn Elementary145145014534
1628Dunn Elementary B2659626522119
2333Pretty Awesome Purple Pandas20520519710129
43221 second31828131820515
5292Robot Recyclers28716127728717
5293Lightning Bots4473413414473
5870The Smarties2211404822126
6014Trash Terminators15215214112432
6229Kamikaze Waffles3591292373598
6797Walt Clark Middle School30115823730116
11460One Eyed One Horned Flying Pur24122524122122
11751NECO RoboNinjas2345323416123
12829Team Dreams24914524914521
12848Traut Core Knowledge School FL28523928515618
13261Xstreme LegoBots151926415133
13560Cache La Poudre Middle School3773772872947
13562Cache La Poudre Middle School25925625911920
14109Giant Flying Sheep2256422514524
16606Building Lego Lords2144815221428
16893Erie Lego Robot Tigers19710117719730
18797Robot Aliens3472713472879
19167Stupendous 6173323217331
19261Timnath Elementary32027615832014
19378Coding Crushers22011819722027
20354Next Generation Robotics33120523733113
20661Directors of Lego Building5151453565151
21130Recycling Robots33919927533910

Award Stories

Core Values 1st Place: 968 Dunn Elementary

They were on big team that had to split into two smaller teams. We kept calling you the green team. You shared attachments and wanted the other team to do well as well!

You had fun, were equally involved, listened to each other and showed respect.


Core Values 2nd Place: 5295 TrashTalkers, Bethke Elementary School

A team who made sharing a central theme in their work. They all had a hand in bringing their robot here. Not being content with this they presented their ideas to other teams as well.


Core Values 3rd Place: 5923 Team, Blevins Middle School

This was a team of excitement: These young ladies were excited to learn together. They showed their excitement about their project to reuse a hard to recycle product into a fun new product. The team looks forward to mentoring new students entering FLL next year. We are pleased to give the 3rd Place Core Values award to team 5923 from Blevins Middle School.


Robot Design 1st Place: 5293 Lightning Bots, Bethke Elementary

The atmospheric pressure dropped a lot.

All their hard work couldn’t be for naught.

Like a flash in the night, they flipped it just right.

Congratulations to the lightning Bots!


Robot Design 2nd Place: 12848 Traut Core Knowledge

The 2nd place award for robot design goes to a team who has been fishing for points all day!


Robot Design 3rd Place: 6229 Kamikaze Waffles

The strength of this team lied in its software design. The team used multiple sensors to implement an accurate line following technique. The judges want to recognize the team’s composure. When judging began the sensors were calibrated incorrectly. The team remained calm, directed our attention to other areas of design, recalibrated the light sensor and demonstrated the robot working as expected.


Project 1st Place: 281 RoBats

What goes around comes around. This team tackled food waste in their project. Their solution created a way to reduce food waste, feed animals and return food back to households. This team found a way to turn food waste into eggs and milk.


Project 2nd Place: 19253 Eagles^2, St. John the Evangelist Catholic School

This team’s project left a colorful impression on the judges. Their research rivals a real life science lab and their presentation had us smiling the whole way through.


Project 3rd Place: 19167 Stupendous 6, Liberty Common School

Sitting in the boardroom this team considered the economic and personal costs of their chosen solution. They interviewed neighbors and friends and followed the data from Galloping Polls. Eash was a kind of specialist and used their skills to be stupendous.


Outstanding Volunteer

From year to year there are a few key volunteers you know you can count on. They are in it for the long haul. This dynamic duo is just such a pair.

For over a decade, they have helped mentor FIRST teams and put on FLL tournaments. Whether it is helping as judges, judge assistant or that last minute panicked call for setup help, you know they will cheerfully volunteer!

Thank you John and Carol Baldo for your many years of service!


Outstanding Coach

This coach has been involved in FLL for 11 years. “Although his kids aged out of FLL many years ago, he consistently dedicates himself to our ever enduring teams, even running clubs during the off season and summer. We are blessed to have this phenomenal coach!!”

Mr. Ron Larson, team 7495 TrashTrons, Immanuel Lutheran School


Outstanding Young Adult Mentor

This student mentor is “outstanding at teaching and mentoring and has taught so much” I talked to the team coach and learned that this student does a great job of explaining knowledge she has gained in FLL to the team.

Taylor Reinke, team 9 Port 5, Liberty Common School


Judges Award: 16893 Erie Lego Robot Tigers, Erie Middle School

This team demonstrated FIRST values to spare. While their project with cutlery showed that they care and their attempt at the sorter left the judges impressed. So you could say these tigers are up to the test. Congratulations to team 16893, the ErieLego Robot Tigers for winning the judges award!


Champions Award 1st Place: 195 Trashformers, Liberty Common Charter School

This team approached the core values challenge with the unique process of analyzing the problem and discussing the problem among the entire team before touching any puzzle pieces. They determined that the actual model and then took the suggestion of a member to use it as a pattern to build the other parts. Then they took suggestions from all of their members. Their project was to develop an application to recommend ways of recycling various items to coincide with Fort Collins new recycling ordinance. They then reached out to the community to use it, comment on it and share it.


Champions Award 2nd Place: 4322 1 second, We’re Having Technical Difficulties, Twin Peaks Charter Academy

They crunched the numbers and calculated waste so they went to the source with a viable solution in it’s place. Cost effective solutions in a small package is quite neat. And they sold the tasty alternative with a jingle so sweet.


Champions Award 3rd Place: 9 Port 5, Liberty Common Charter School


This team has sung their way through this competition. Despite some setbacks with their robot this morning, they solved all their problems to rock the table. Their project was simple, yet innovative and left the judges hungry for more.