Coaches & Judges Webcasts

Saturday mornings in May, 9 to 10 AM, MTN

We had 5 Great  Meetings with other Colorado FLLers:

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Recordings, Presentations and other resource posted on this page below.  

  • Minutes and resources post for review in the Training Folde
  • Coaches learn what judges are looking for
  • Judges get a greater understanding of team efforts and capabilities
  • We are establishing a dialog and community among the Colorado FLL

Colorado FLL Championship 2013 
Microsoft hosted 5 webinars for Coaches and Judges workshops in May.  US FIRST has been able to provide some Judges training videos, but the best source material we have for coaching is at the FLL team resources site.
The primary goal was to bring Coaches and Judges together to meet - virtually or physically - and to find a common point of reference so that coaches are working toward a knowledge of what judges are looking for, and for judges to understand or relate more closely to the efforts and accomplishments of the teams as led by their coaches.  Please refer to the linked outlines for topics and agenda.
Special thanks to all who participated in these meetings!
All recordings linked below are raw, unedited - which is not a good thing.  If you have the skills and resources to edit these recordings, please let me, Ross, know.  I'd like to make this "ready for prime time" as soon as possible.

  1.  FLL Trainign Overview
  2. May 3rd - Team Management
    1. Andrew Biggs and John Rohrbaugh, Champsion coaches
    2.  ​Minutes May 3rd, special thanks to Katherine Aschenberg!
    3. Video - Team Management (raw)
    4. Links to Resources for team management and robot design here.
  3. May 10th - Robot Design
    1. John Rohrbaugh, Champion coach
    2. Presentation Slides
    3. Video - Robot Design (raw)
  4. May 17 - Project - Research and Innovation
    1. Scott & Breanna McBride, Champions, Jenny Baker, Head Project judge
    2. Sorry - No audio / video recording from this event
    3. Minutes - May 17, 20, Katherine Aschenberg
    4. Presentation Examples
  5. May 24 - Robot Game
    1. Head Referee, Stephen Morraco
    2. Presentation Slides
    3. Notes and additions to slides, Katherine Aschenberg
    4. Recording (raw)
  6. May 32 - Core Values
    1. Tomas Lovato, Head CV Judge, Susan Baker, CV advisor
    2. Presentation Agenda
    3. Minutes and notes, Katherine Aschenberg
    4. Recording (raw)
We have the opportunity for up to 5 one hour meetings on Saturday mornings in May from 9 to 10 am.  Generally, the meetings would start with an overview of the agenda, to let the two groups (coaches & Judges) know what they'll get out of staying on the call.
For teams and new coaches, we want to cover more than the usual award structure and core values - people can find that stuff on the web sites.  What I'm really hoping to do is paint a picture of how teams interact during meetings, goal setting, urgency to accomplish tasks, awareness of the tournament day and the judging interviews.
For judges, we want to help teams understand expectations, what judges are looking for, subjectively, to set a team apart; to convey to the coaches the enormity of the task we must accomplish during the day of reviewing teams through Rubrics and then narrowing the field down to those that stand out.
We successfully established friendships in a forum where coaches and judges could interact, ask questions, and engage in conversations that would have lasted all morning if we'd been allowed to stay. I these initial ice breakers have taken our league a long way to helping us all feel we are a part of a vibrant, FLL community in Colorado.
These meetings were web cast from the Microsoft Store in Park Meadows, south east of Denver off I-25 and C-470.  Meetings were held on Saturday mornings in May, from 9 to 10 am.  Six to 12 people attended most meetings in person, with a few joining remotely from Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.   We were be able to make recordings for 4 of the five dates, posted above for teams that were unable to attend or would like to review the content.