The Game of FLL

ColoradoFIRST is proud to be LAUNCHING the LEGOnauts team creation...



Experience an entire FLL Season in this FUN and ENGAGING 30-60 minute board game!

Take on the role of a specialist on an FLL team.  Work together to see if your team can master all the core skills required to overcome unexpected obstacles.  Wil you take risks along the way or play it safe?  At the end of your eight week journey, will you accomplish enough to win the judges approval and win a coveted position in the World Competition?

"The Game of FLL" can be used as: a recruiting to for new members or JrFLL graduating teams, a training too for new or young teams, a mentoring tool or ice breaker for more experienced teams, an overview of FLL for team parents or potential team volunteer judges, a training tool for new coaches, and much more!

Check out the 10 minutes Game Play video, produced by the team.  More details available on the LEGOnauts Team Blog!  

A 30 - 60 minute game for 3 to 6 players

Please e-mail the team for more information about purchasing your copy of the game.