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As a judge, what do I need to know...

...before reporting for duty at the tournament?


You're going to want to be as effective as possible with the limited preparation time you have.  

The first responsibilities of the day will be to meet with the teams, talk to them and evaluate their accomplishments. 

It will be best if you know your assignment area: Core Values, Project or Robot design.  You can then navigate to the documents specific for that area: 

Within each area, you'll find document numbered in order of priority for your needs on tournament day

Please read

  1. the PRIMER document - two page overview of your area
  2. the INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - be prepared to guide the kids to tell you about their achievements in their area with a few these questions.  You won't be able to ask all these questions, but they are suggestions to get the ball rolling
  3. the RUBRICS - know what the evaluation criteria are; know the language so you're not reading it the first time on tournament day.  Your schedule will roll much more smoothly if you know what the evaluation criteria

Keep it simple:

  1. Can the kids tell you what they did? 
  2. Did they do the work themselves?
  3. Celebrate their achievements
  4. Encourage them to keep trying
  5. Don't make them cry :-)

  If you don't know which area you are assigned to,

  1. Check your "team page": If you are volunteering on behalf of a team
    1. Look at the right menu bar of this page > for the "Team Management" heading
    2. the team you are associated with should be listed with a link
    3. click that link to access the team page
    4. at the bottom of the team page you'll find "Team Volunteers"
    5. your name and your volunteer assignment should be listed there
  2. If you're not volunteering for a team, contact your tournament's volunteer coordinator or director and finalize your assignment
  3. choose your favorite and read up on it - get familiar & be prepared
  4. read the "combined" information found in the "USFirst_&_CombinedAreas" folder

More comprehensive training will be held on the morning of your tournament.

Be Prepared!  Read your stuff before Saturday! 


Thanks for the reminder

 Thanks for the reminder. See you on Wednesday.