Partnering with ColoradoFIRST

We have several organizations that are anxious to learn more about how to partner with ColoradoFIRST

Partnering with us will give your company...

  • More exposure to audiences interested in your classes and camps; a direction for your students to pursue following the classes you are providing for them.
  • Sponsorship endorsements on programs, t-shirts and the ColoradoFIRST website, with national exposure.
  • a recognized leadership role in the community!  Establish yourselves not only as a purveyer of technological prowess, but also supporter and producer of the best student driven robotics competitions in the world!

ColoradoFIRST hosts over a dozen tournaments and scrimmages in Colorado every year.  We promote robotics to 9 to 14 year olds all up and down the front range in schools, parks and shopping malls.  We offer one of the very best hands-on STEM programs to a very select elite who knows what they want and are motivated to go after it.

FLL Partners with ColoradoFIRST will...

  • recruit venues for tournament activities
  • recruit volunteers for staffing events
  • organize and produce boosters, scrimmages and tournaments for teams to fulfill their goals
  • promote FIRST programs alongside your own, including FLL, JrFLL and FRC all over Colorado
  • engage with the best and brightest students in Colorado in accomplishing all of the above

Apply to ColoradoFIRST to become part of the World Class FIRST organization, extending and cultivating the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the science and technology leaders of tomorrow!