Rookie Booster 2015

Another awesome booster at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science!  Many thanks to the Museum and the continuing support of ColoradoFIRST!Many thanks to our volunteers who made the day happen!Presentations and resources:

The Game was too Intense!

I've heard several comments about the entire Booster, and especially the Game of FLL, being too much to swallow all at once.  It really is like drinking from a fire-hose!

Tooooo much information!

The only thing I can offer is that if seeing the entire season in less than an hour is hard, think of what your season would be like if you DIDN'T get the preview!  At least this way you'll know what's coming, and why it's so important to make some progress every week.

Remember - The kids will pull it off!  Stay encouraged!

Ross Parrent
Operational Partner
FIRST LEGO League in Colorado