Registration Open

Qualifier registration is Open!

Whoa! Don't start searching for a registration link, there is preparation each team needs to do before they can register for a qualifier event. Registration is first-come, first-served so please do not wait. Start recruiting your volunteers TODAY!

Registration Roadmap:

  1. Fill in your team survey
  2. Recruit volunteers and direct them to register with their own, unique e-mail address for any tournament
    1. The Volunteer MUST include your team number to have their registration count for your team. Be sure they know your team number.
  3. After your volunteers have registered and been assigned a position, your team page will show a button to register your team for the events you listed in the survey (step 1).
    1. UNTIL your volunteers are registered and assigned, you WILL NOT see a button to add the tournament to your team's shopping cart.
    2. If you do not see your registration button, it means that your volunteer has either not registered, or the tournament director has not assigned them to a job. The TD will usually want to speak with the volunteer to be sure the assignment is appropriate and the commitment is genuine.


Everything you want to do with your team can be found on your team page (event registration, purchasing event items like t-shirts, personalized schedules for your team, order information, list of team volunteers and team survey). You can only see the team page link when logged into the site. If you do not remember your login use the Request new password (we have had some email issues in recent weeks, so if you do not get a reset link in your email within 10 minutes pelase contact me and I can reset it manually) link to reset your password, you'll need to use the email address you registered with US FIRST. After logging in, look to the right for something that looks like:

Step #1: Team Survey

Clicking on the team number will take you immediately to your team page. The first time you go to your team page you will be taken through the team survey. The survey must be completed. The site will not progress to the team page until that is done. Please complete the contact and team information and specify the events you are interested in attending - this is not registration, we need to understand interest to plan capacity. Including evening contact information is critical as that may be the only time our volunteers may be able to contact you about questions or important updates. The team information you enter will be used in event programs (i.e. Team Name, Organization and Sponsors) and determine the number of medals to reserve for team members at their qualifier event. The demographics data is useful to our fundraising efforts. You can update your survey data at any time by clicking on the Team Survey link on your team page (updates will be disabled mid to late October as we begin finalizing event details). The survey also helps to simplify your registration by only showing you events that you express interest in.

Step #2: Volunteers

Check the event page of the events (listed on our Schedule) you selected to find the event's volunteer requirements. Most events require that the team provide two volunteers. A few of the events allow those volunteers to serve at other Qualifiers - check the event you want to determine what it requires. Coaches may want to volunteer as a judge at another Qualifier, great way to see the a variety of teams and gain a better perspective on the values and goals of FIRST LEGO League while also satisfying your volunteer requirements. The option to purchase the event registration will not appear until the team volunteer requirement is met. Judge volunteers count as two!

Volunteer tips:

  • To run smoothly, an event requires about two volunteers per team (actually closer to 2.5 per team).
  • Half of the volunteers at the event are judges, please have one of your volunteers be a judge.
  • Event Volunteer positions (non-judge) will fill and we will have no choice but to decline new requests.
  • Recruit a friend, neighbor, co-worker, someone from church, the lodge, etc. Ask them to bring a friend and fulfill your volunteer requirement in one shot! and they will feel more comfortable going with someone they know.
  • Ask your team's parents to help.
  • You can find additional information about volunteering on our Volunteer page.
  • Links to sign up as a volunteer can be found on each event page.
  • Not all jobs happen on event day, see here for job summary.

The process:

  • Volunteers should sign up using one of the volunteer links on the event pages.
  • Remember to give your volunteer your team number! They will enter that during the sign up process.
  • The volunteer needs to have their own e-mail address.
  • The volunteer should be sure to include an evening contact phone number.
  • The volunteer coordinator will contact the volunteer (usually via email) to verify availability of both the volunteer and positions the volunteer can fulfill. If there is a match the volunteer will be assigned and the referring team will receive credit (as determined by the team number the volunteer provides.) If there is no match then the volunteer will be declined and the team must find an alternate. Remember what I mentioned about judges!
  • I know teams are going to be anxious about registering so it's important to point out that having a volunteer sign up is not sufficient - the volunteer coordinator must verify a spot and get agreement from the volunteer to complete the process.
  • If things are taking more than a couple of days, please contact the volunteer coordinator for the event you are interested in or fll.teams at if you're not sure.
  • Remember, all the tournament staff are volunteers, often the only time we have to work on this is in the evening. We appreciate your patience.

Step #3: Registration

  • Once a team has met the volunteer requirement an 'Add to cart' button will be available on your team page for that event.
  • Click 'Add to cart' and go through the checkout process
  • If you choose to pay by check, please include a copy of the order form with your check to speed processing.
  • Once checkout is complete your team will be added to the event roster, congratulations you are registered!
  • DO NOT WAIT - registration is first come, first served AND we will close registration about 2 weeks before the event. If you wait, later events will be full and you could miss out!

Step #4: Event items

  • Once you are on the event roster, event items will be available for purchase. This includes t-shirts (kids love to wear them, great reminder of the fun and hard work) and extra medals (memento for the coach, team volunteer, etc.). We are also planning to include concessions for those events that need pre-ordered concessions.

Have a great season,

ColoradoFIRST Staff