US FIRST Volunteer & Team registration help

Topics covered on this page:

  1. VIMS User Guide
  2. Consent & Release
  3. TIMS for Team Members
  4. Volunteer Quota
  5. Screening - US FIRST Youth Protection Program

Please take a look at the attached and download the attached files for reference as you register yourself and your team.

  • For ALL VOLUNTEERS (VIMS - Volunteer Information and Matching System)
    • User Guide including specific instructions for Colorado on step 6, in the "Expertise" section, pg 8: identifying your FLL team number to the system.
      Team Number location in VIMS
    • VIMS FAQ
  • CONSENT & RELEASE forms have gone electronic! Help streamline event day check-in!  You can sign your C&R electronically and we, your tournament directors, can simply check you off the list.  
    • No more printing the C&R yourself, signing it, bringing it to the event.  
    • No more forgetting to bring it and having to fill it out AGAIN before you can check in.  
    • ...and no longer will the Tournament Director be responsible to mail the completed C&Rs back to US FIRST.
    • Paper: Kids under 9 years will need to have their parents complete the Paper consent and release forms, linked here: English; Spanish.
    • TO DO: when you're in VIMS completing your application for an event, select the Consent & Release option from the left side menu, read the agreement and check the appropriate box at the bottom:
      Electronic C&R in VIMS
      VIMS C&R MenuVIMS C&R acceptance
  • COACHES are volunteers too, and will need to register through VIMS above.  Then you'll be able to register your TEAM with TIMS - the US FIRST Team Information Management System.
    • Teams MUST recruit and register TWO volunteer credits for each tournament they participate in before their tournament ticket can be purchased.
    • One JUDGE is worth TWO volunteer credits.
    • Coaches - be a JUDGE at a tournament OTHER THAN your team's competition event: learn how judging works, interview at least six other teams, get experience with the rubrics.  All of these experiences will benefit your team!
  • Youth Protection Program screening
    • SSN is NOT a required field.  If you're uncomfortable with the personal details requested for YPP screening, DOB is required, but SSN is NOT, as shown on page 6 of these screen shots.
    • Volunteer screening is conducted by Verified Volunteers, not US FIRST.  The attached includes more invormation about Verifed Volunteers.

Thanks so much for all you do for OUR KIDS!

TIMS User Manual

VIMS FAQ - TDG.pdf345.48 KB
VerifiedVolunteers Security Whitepaper_Final.pdf327.87 KB
TIMS User Manual-Colorado.pdf7.99 MB
VIMS User Guide 2014-Colorado.pdf2.35 MB
VIMSexpertise.png20.36 KB


We have a volunteer who has affiliated himself with our team and has selected an event, but he doesn't show up as a team volunteer or even a pending team volunteer.  What have we missed?

A coach with no middle initial?

A coach could not register because he had no middle initial.  What does he do?

D Stoddard

The walk-through in the TIMS

The walk-through in the TIMS User Guide shows a check box for "I have no middle name". That should do the trick.