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EV3 Programming Site by FLL Team 51

Droids Robotics
Want to learn some EV3 programming techniques useful for FLL?
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IOWA FLL team awarded patent

US FIRST Volunteer & Team registration help

Topics covered on this page:Read more >>>

Four Stars for FIRST®

Charity Navigator, one of America’s premier charity evaluators, again gives FIRST a 4-Star rating - out of a possible 4 stars!!Read more >>>

Colorado FLL 2014 Tournament Season

Final Draft!  Actual tournament registration will be completed on this, the ColoradoFIRST site.  Check your Team Page and complete your survey.Read more >>>

Scott Evans & the Rubics Cube

Check it out!  Scott is the engineer that develops the challenges:

Coaches & Judges Webcasts

Saturday mornings in May, 9 to 10 AM, MTN

We had 5 Great  Meetings with other Colorado FLLers:

Hosted and sponsored by

Recordings, Presentations and other resource posted on this page below.  

  • Minutes and resources post for review in the Training Folde
  • Coaches learn what judges are looking for
  • Judges get a greater understanding of team efforts and capabilities
  • We are establishing a dialog and community among the Colorado FLL

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NEW! Just for Judges - NOT!

Coaches and Judges are both in this competition for the same reason - to benefit the kids.Read more >>>

Come Promote FLL at the FRC Colorado Competition!

Come Promote FLL at the FRC Colorado Competition!

  • How many of you still have a robot?  
  • How many want to take another stab a robot that can navigate the Nature's Fury missions for 400 points or more?  
  • How many parents would like to have take their turn at it?

We have several robotics promotional events coming in April:  Read more >>>

Championship Awards, 2013