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2011 Food Factor Poudre Qualifier Results

Take a look at some of the event photos and results. We will be adding photos as they come in from our event photographers. Please add your favorites! Look for an invitation to contribute to this Picasa album in your email.Read more >>>

Qualifier Registration Closed

Qualifier Registration Update - NMQ Capacity expanded

The North Metro Qualifier capacity is now
expanded to 32 teams

Coaches!  If you want to be one of the first to grab one of these new openings...
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Parade Magazine - Home Not-so-safe Home

Parade Magazine Oct 2, 2011 features 26 tips on making the home safe, with at least 6 of them related to the kitchen, fridge and pantry, and food.  MayRead more >>>

You really should NOT need a video...

 I recently heard that the upcoming generation will be the first in history to end up less educated than their parents.  Not so surprising, with every kid I know being glued to a telephone or video game screen nowadays, and I don't want to be part of the problem. Read more >>>

Online Robotics training - FREE!

Free Robotics Competition Training!

The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is pleased to offer free training using materials that have been used to teach over one million new robot programmers.  Our training begins today!Read more >>>

This could be YOUR volunteer requirement! Help move tables to Tournament Events

I haven't heard from you yet!

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FLL® to FIRST® Tech Challenge Pathway Grant

FIRST® is pleased to announce that we are currently offering an FLL® to FIRST® Tech Challenge Pathway Grant for rookie FTC® teams.  These grants are available to any rookie FTCRead more >>>

2011-2012 FIRST Consent forms

All participants attending a FIRST event (volunteers, coaches & kids) need to turn in a signed consent form for every event they attend.

Event Registration Prep

Coaches, before you can register your team for any event (including the Rookie Booster) you must complete the team survey.Read more >>>