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T-shirt Ordering Deadline

The T-shirt ordering deadline for the Liberty Qualifier is this Saturday, October 23rd.  So get those orders in soon!Read more >>>

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 - Need a new link for the waiver....ross web linkRead more >>>

Team details on your Colorado FLL web site

The pre-registration has closed, but there may still be details you want to address - your team name, number of kids, rookie status.  You may want to be sure you have the correct qualifier selected (although that should be stable by now).  We love to hear from you but would really be a big help if you could make these changes on your own.  If you have a tough time with the links embedded in the e-mail, please follow the simple steps to

  1. Log in to the site (
  2. Use the "Edit Team #" field to change the team details.

Check the attachment below for screen shots of this process.Read more >>>

REAL Scientists use NXT to model the Comet probe Rossetta

An exciting video depicts the Rosetta comet lander, where Dan Andrews and Urlike Ragnit from the European Space Agency (ESA) describe the details of the science behind it.Read more >>>

Display your NXT screen on your PC!

 From the great state of Louisiana, Scot Marshall recently shared this handy tip:

Here is a great teaching tool I just discovered. You can project the NXT display live through the computer onto the wall or other means. 
When you click the buttons on the PC image of the NXT, it clicks them on the NXT and you get to see the display change. Changing it on the robot also changes it on the PC Display.Read more >>>

Help FIRST win!!

 Please support FIRST in the JC Penny $100M giveaway!  Click on the link for more details!

Team Volunteer Requirement

Coaches!  Remember, these tournaments need people!  Read more >>>

Cool LEGO stuff...

Colorado Judges Award Winner Selected!

Congratulations to our 2009 Championship Judges’ Award recipient, Team #822, the Loose Screws!Read more >>>

FLL Core Values Rubric Posted

 Please find below the rubric for the core values essay.  This is what the judges will be using during deliberations to judge the teams. Read more >>>