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You'll need to be with the team the entire day on Saturday of your event.  Don't volunteer that same day!  Volunteering "for a few hours" at the same event will not work.  Your team NEEDS you on tournament day!

What WILL work BEST for you is to volunteer on a DIFFERENT DATE as a judge at a different tournament.  You'll learn a tremendous amount that you can take back to your team, you'll be able to spend the entire tournament day WITH your team, and you won't have to recruit any other volunteers because judging counts for 2 volunteer credits.  

Most coaches reject this idea because they feel they cannot be away from there teams for the time required.  I have talked to a number of experienced coaches who felt that way, too.  I have also talked to coaches who, after several seasons, finally took up this opportunity and found it to be invaluable to their coaching skills and being able to prepare the teams for meeting the judges - because they've seen what judges want to see.    

I URGE you to consider this option as it is so rewarding for those that try it.  There is training and certification, so you'll be on the same par with the other judges on your team.  And, if you bring a friend you can both be judges together.


Volunteers are the force that gets the work done.  You are the ones who faciliate this awesome experience for our children!  Without you, there would be no coaches, mentors or teams.  There would be no world class sporting events featuring LEGO Robots or their designers and engineers - no forum for the kids to demonstrate and present the product of their research genius and teamwork.  No judges, referees, pit bosses, scorekeepers, or other event staff to make all this happen!  (see photos linked here, and check out this article about the value of FLL for your volunteer hours)  

And with the difficult economic times we face, the demand for our greatest asset - YOU - is even greater!

Come!  Help make this year's competition a reality and the best season yet!

Opportunities and details

  • Registration:
    • Register with US FIRST on their Volunteer Information & Matching System (VIMS).  
      • VIMS Registration guide is found here.  
      • Pay attention to step 6, identifying your local FLL team.
    • Consent & Release forms are now available on the web!  See details here!
    • A note regarding the Youth Protection Program screening
      • SSN is NOT a required field.  If you're uncomfortable with the personal details requested for YPP screening, DOB is required, but SSN is NOT, as shown on page 6 of these screen shots.
      • Volunteer screening is conducted by Verified Volunteers, not US FIRST.  The attached includes more invormation about Verifed Volunteers.
        • * if you have existing background check documentation, you may submit that documentation if you prefer. This will require human intervention and delay your screening, and hence, your volunteer assignment.  US FIRST screening through Verified Volunteers is paid for by US FIRST, at no additional expense to you, the volunteer

Volunteer positions range from general crowd control to specialized judging.  

People with technical skills are encouraged to apply those skills to JUDGING robot design and building, including mechanical and programming design.  Teachers and parents can easily tell how well a group of kids work as a team,  and research projects?  Well, this is where true genius often presents itself.  FLL has an entire global evaluation committee for innovation.  Several Colorado teams have registered their ideas with the US Patent Office.   Anyone can be a judge.  Just praise their successes and encourage them to persist in the face of challenges.

We need Referees to watch the robot matches and record their accomplishments and adherence to the match rules.  We need Score Keepers to enter the numbers accurately into the computers.

And we CAN'T live without people willing to set-up, clean-up, check-in the teams, queue the teams and escort them to their matches and judging locations, photograph teams and matches, secure and watch the equipment, did I mention clean-up?  There is no shortage of support you can lend.  See the local list of commitment times here.


ONE DAY - plus a little more
Tournament Volunteers will commit to a full day at their chosen tournament event.  You'll be asked to check in by 7:00 the day of the event.  Of course, setup will occur the night before, and clean-up will usually take a couple of hours after the crowds have gone home.  There will be judges and referee training - including materials and conference calls.

If you can only participate for a portion of the day, please make a comment to that effect in your registration subscription form.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS - but is NOT required!
We encourage Qualifier Tournament volunteers to bring their Event Experience to one of the Championship events.

If you've not volunteered before - it's fun and simple. 

  • Judges training will be held in advance through conference calls and online documentation.
  • Referee training will be held the morning of the event.  New refs will be paired with experienced refs for mentoring
  • All other volunteer positions will receive a briefing the morning of the event.


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